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Dex Klan Dev Entertainment 


(Documentary video coverage , Manchester, Liverpoo

Hi my name is David Motaze, Director and Filmmaker at based in Manchester United Kingdom.

I am a passionate creative Filmmaker able to showcase and willing to help deal with video projects, edits and photography. What really drove me to this part of profession is the fact that I do really love what it is and it gets more easier for me due to the experience I have accumulated over the years.

I plan and develop all my takes within a given timeframe to maximise remarkable results. I use multiple audio visual software to create anything that fits in a movie. With my strong experience and excellent work ethic I am more than happy to work on film projects for people who aim to embrace their audience and also work with those who are already in this business in order to build a solid relationship in the industry.

Cinematography has been my passion for quite some time now. In the year 2000 I shot my first movie in the suburb region of Yaounde called Biyemassi - Accacia. Yaounde is the capital city of Cameroon in Central Africa. I named that movie "Les Enfant d'Accacia". A movie based on true life story of young people getting into cults, dropping out of schools, young girls getting into prostituton and boys doing drugs to earn a living. Shooting that movie with the little equipment I had made me realise how I needed to develop my talent and at that moment I knew I could deliver to the audience exactly what they wanted. Today is a total revolution as I have learned from my past experiences and newer technology which strenghten my knowledge and made me stand out in the crowd.

Thank you for taking your time to read and please don't forget to SUBSCRIBE To My YouTube Channel