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Music Video


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Stage Performance

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Music Concert


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Short Film /Feature Film /Show-reels

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Live Coverage


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- 2017 Film Festival -

Shortfilm Award Winner Goes To "MICC TEENS" - Film Directed by DAVID MOTAZE.

3 Minutes Business Video PRODUCTION

There’s an increasing demand of video production from small and medium size businesses today like never before. You can use your video to commercialize your business online or to present your product(s) or service(s) in a large scale on your website or social network platform(s). The reason why this method is extremely effective today and quick is because video is a new trend to quickly reach out to the mass population; millions of people use their smart phones and iPads to watch videos anywhere they may be found and on the go. Businesses have realized that potential clients are more likely to watch their videos than to read business presentation text messages online. As a result, with your video your message gets across more quickly and effectively in no time.


How Does It Work?

Our service is quick and professional. We will book an appointment with you to come over to your business location and shoot the scenes featuring yourself, your staff and your business. This is a popular choice and will gain a lot of trust from your local customers. 

We can create animated cartoon video with a professional voice over presenting your services.

You can also have a longer video by going into more details of your products. This version will portray your services into more details.

Any of the video type you choose to create for your business will fetch potential clients easily and effectively.

It's quick and affordable so get in touch with us, we make an appointment in your time convenience and you'll have your video sooner than you think!

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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Wedding Film

Do you have plans to shoot a documentary?

Documentry Projects

There are two reasons why we do this. First, documentaries are vastly cheaper to make than narrative films. Second, there is a better chance that a distributor or festival will recognize a good documentary over the typical genre film. We will demystify documentary filmmaking and provide you with the keys to making a great one. Contact 07811152930 OR Email: [email protected]

Wedding Ceremony Videography

TV Promo Advert

Music Concert Videography

Wedding Anniversary Videography




SHORT FILM - The Night Of Halloween

How I Started Filmmaking

Live Event Videography

Documentary Filmmaking

Promo Video


Film-making is not about the tiny details seen on screen, it is all about the big picture.

David Motaze - Dex Klan Dev Entertainment.

Gisburn Forest Mountain Biking


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Engagement Photos...

Filmmaking Creativity

Montage & Editing

Creating, editing, formatting and producing high quality videos with great stories in a quick turnaround are our main focus. This involves cutting together images that are not in spatial or temporal continuity and making a story to fit in the film. Before reaching that level I ask myself the same questions every time I want to edit a new movie: “What effect will this do to the viewer’s experience when the story is unfolding? ” Are there ideological implications to the invisibility of authorial manipulation in the movie?  Part of what I tend to do after editing a movie is playing the video for people of fresh opinions to view  and comment. From there I  take into account what they say then use that as a work tool to boost my performance. Some people may probably ask themselves what this has got to do with a film.

One thing is certain; films are produced from people’s culture industry which is part and parcel of modern society’s ideological structure. In this case, the movie industry must fit right into the description of the various social institutions and people’s behaviour to pull the audience and gain perfect attention towards it. I have worked to design and help businesses and individuals create visually stunning and persuasive presentations, motion graphics, info graphics, and more but all these without a great story line are useless. We create and shoot several images for films, documentaries, music videos and more. The use of  Adobe Premiere Elements, Microsoft PowerPoint and several other editing software I will surely talk about in my future presentation are good sources for editing. There are loads of them out there but most of them are not as good as others but one good remark is that the talent in you is the key to make your film editing remarkably outstanding.

Tools & Equipments

Tools & Equipments

It is important to use tools designed for film making purpose. There are varieties of equipment that we use listed in our services link. Designed tools for film-making bring great outcome to the production level of a movie as long as those tools are properly used. By so doing this will inject significant results to your production but please don't get me wrong, no matter how small some of those equipment may look in human eyes...they do not come cheap! The good news is that our studio acquires  those essential equipment to create and polish your film project.

However one of the important factors in film-making is the Sound production that is often overlooked by people. Whether you are making films, documentaries, corporate communications or an event video, the audio resources is primordial. Good quality audio in film-making should be taken into high consideration and this is what we do. It is a nice way to connect the viewer to the message in detail to the message. Most films now include a dialogue recorded on the sound stage, sound effects that are included during post production, music scores, narrations and voice overs. The explosions, gunshots, car crash sounds, wind, rain, and thousands of other sounds are all added during post production by sound designers called " Foley artists".

In a case of voice recording during stage acting, professional film makers do not use the built in microphones included with consumer camcorders. They use expensive sound equipment that is beyond the financial reach and technical know-how of most amateurs. The quality of the built in microphones is poor and acceptable results can only be achieved in an indoors well "padded" room without a fan, air-conditioning or electric motors. Like the camera, the microphone does not differentiate and separate the good sound from the bad sound. For this reason it is very difficult to do a good dialogue with the built in microphones and often we will need to resort to a narrative voice over to tell your story.
Suction Cups In Filmmaking

Motion shooting

Motion pictures look great in videos especially when shot for the right scene. This portrays a certain feeling to the viewer. The video gives the illusion of motion by the movement of many still frames through a projector. Because of a physical property of the eye and brain called the “persistence of vision” we are able to perceive the illusion of motion using motion picture technology. The illusion of motion distinguishes motion picture photography from still photography. We have learned that the earliest motion pictures were made from paper photo prints arranged in a flip book. This technology had drawbacks since they could only be viewed as very short shots and the size of the audience was limited to one.

In more details on how to realise this effect, frame rates of motion pictures are 24 frames per second. This means that the camera records 24 shots per second and it is played back at the same rate. If it is played too quickly the motion appears to quicken and if it it played back too slowly then it appears slow. If you were to shoot at twice the speed for an example at 48 frames per second, you would achieve a slow motion look when the film is played back at 24 frames per second. The video frame rate is 29.92 frames per second, however for simplicity sake we will refer to the rate as 30 frames per second.

The element of motion is the motion that we see while we watch a film or video. Since everything moves it would be difficult to shoot a truly still shot with a film or video camera. There is always some motion somewhere. You can easily tell the difference between a still shot taken with a still camera then inserted in the video, and a non-action shot filmed with a motion picture camera.

Because we are so accustomed to seeing motion, editors will add motion to still photos that are inserted. Any stop in motion will distract the viewer and cause a jump cut.

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The Vision of a filmmaker